Peppa is a 4 year old pig.

Peppa is a cute adorable but cheeky pig. She is very playful and very innocent sometimes she thinks she knows everything she is best friends with Susie sheep oldest in her family and the older sister of George. She likes to pick on her dad's tummy because her dad's tummy is big.

friends:Danny dog,Susie sheep(bestfriend),George(brother),and the rest of the play group

  • Family:Mommy Pig,Daddy Pig,George[younger brother],aunty Pig,uncle Pig,chole[cousin],alexander[baby cousin],granny pig,grandpa pig,peter pig[son],penny pony[datgher],pedro pony[husband]

Enemies:her friends[when arguing],George[occasionally]

Relationships Edit

George Pig: Peppa loves her younger brother she loves to play with him and they get along very well. They are very close but she can get annoyed with him but that doesn't happen very often and peppa can be bossy to george and teased him but they almost always get along.There bond is very very good.

Susie sheep: they are best friends they love to play together and almost never fight they love the same games and there both bossy. There friendship is extremely close.

mommy pig:peppa and her mom are close she likes helping her with her work [well sometimes] and her mom likes to play on the mud puddles with peppa.

  • Daddy Pig:She loves her dad and she likes to tease him they are very close he likes play with her and he doesn't get mad when she tells him about his big tummy.

Personally Edit

Peppa loves to play outside and jump in mud puddles. She loves to play with her friends and brother and has a big imagination. She is also bossy and can be sassy she also loves talking. She likes to take care of her baby brother George and jump in mud puddles with him too. She is mishcievious and fun