George pig is the baby brother of Peppa he was 1 in the beginning of the series but then turned 2 in the episode George's birthday 2. Though out the toddlers he crys the most (well he is one of the main babies of the show) he loves to play with peppa even if she is bossy. Other then that Peppa and George love to play with each other. He is best friends with Richard rabbit and LOVES dinosaures in fact that is his first toy and first word. And He Appears in Peppa Pig All Grown Up Geroge Can Speak

TRIVIA sometimes George is more intellegent then peppa. Even though he's two he is a pro ice stake ter he even learn to whistle before his big sister learned and he is a good drawer., George is the ine that goes to daycare the most daycare well Richard.

Friends:Richard rabbit(bestfriend),zuzu,zaza,Edmond and peppa (sister)